New Features Sept 27, 2017

We’ve got some new stuff for you to play with!

We’ve been spending a lot of time working on some back-end additions and improvements to allow more people to create and edit dances and while most of those features aren’t quite ready yet (getting close!), the work has allowed us to push up some features that regular users can start using today. Continue reading New Features Sept 27, 2017

Dance Of The Week – Flight Of The Earls

The Dance Of The Week for this week is Flight Of The Earls, or The Leuven Set by Jim Keenan that chronicles the flight of the Earls from Donegal beginning in 1607.

It’s not a particularly difficult dance but does have a variety of movements in each figure that will keep you thinking.

Click through for notes and video links.

Dance Of The Week – Battle Of Affane

The Dance Of The Week for this week is a new set, The Battle of Affane, demonstrated at the Sweets of May Dance Festival in Tralee in 2015.  It’s a short set commemorating the 1565 Battle of Affane and has a good variety of movements including doubling!

Click through for notes.  If anyone has some video of this set, please share!