Updates July 25, 2012

One big feature and several small tweaks this time.  Multi-column Crib View and several link updates and site optimizations.

  • The big item for this update is the addition of a multi-column format in the Crib View.  It’s a bit experimental at the moment so the way columns are chosen and formatted will continue to be tweaked as the feature is used and we receive feedback.
    By default the view will be displayed in single column as you’ve seen before.
    Click on any of the images below to be taken to a live version of the example.

    You may now select how many columns to be displayed, from 1-4.

    DanceMinder will also save your selection and use it as the default for all future Crib views until you change your selection.  Being an experimental feature, printing still needs some work to support the new multi-column formatting but will be fully enabled soon.
  • The Links menu item has been converted to a drop down menu and several useful links moved there such as our General links, Privacy Policy, Q&A, Contact Form and a new known (and fixed) issues page called Sausage.
  • User/Editor view option has been moved to the Editor menu.
  • Lots of little formatting tweaks and optimizations.