Site Status Aug 10, 2012

We’ve been doing groundwork for a major change to the way dances are edited, which will improve editing usability and make the editors happier.  This will likely result in more dances becoming available which will make the regular users happier.

Part of the groundwork involved exercising our scripting skills by adding input validation on the user side which you can see when you add or edit a collection.  Type in a too-short name and move to the Description box and you’ll be given some instructions on-screen to help you choose a better name. It also checks for duplicates and will let you know if you’ve chosen a name that isn’t already used.  Our next step is to enable drag and drop between the dance lists at the bottom of the collection edit page.  Once that’s complete, we’ll have the foundation for putting those features together on the dance editing pages.

We’ve also changed the dance and collection display pages to replace the action icons with a drop down menu.

You may notice there’s a new option called Figures.  That’s a new menu that opens up to show

which allows you to toggle, close and open up all the figures with one click.  This is particularly useful when you’re on the dance floor and want to look at a single figure.  Close them all and then tap the figure you’re interested in to open it back up.

Take a look.