What’s a Collection?

A Collection on DanceMinder is simply a list of dances.  These can be used as a series of dances for a public event, dances you’d like to study, dances for a class or for any purpose you like.  A collection includes a description and a field for a location where you can put the name of a studio, hall or even town crossroads.

How do you enter a collection?

Glad you asked.

The first step is to go to the collection Listing page.


Here you’ll find a list of all the collections that users have created.  You can click on any of them to see the dances they contain and where the dance or workshop was held. To start entering a new collection you need to be logged in, so sign in and you’ll be taken back to the Collection list but you’ll have a new button available to you.


Click this button to start adding a new collection.

Enter a name, it doesn’t have to be unique, a description and possibly a location.  When you’re entering a new location the fields will be blank but you can click on the button to get more information on what goes in each field.

Once you’ve added your collection, DanceMinder will take you to the Collection editing screen where you can start adding dances to your collection.

DanceMinder Collection Edit

Just choose from the list on the right, click add and any dances you have selected will be added to your collection list on the left.  You can use ctrl-left click to select multiple dances or shift-left click to add blocks.

You can also remove entries from your collection, move single and multiple entries up and down in the list and have the list sorted alphabetically.

If you want your collection to be private just check the ‘private’ box and it will be hidden from most people unless the full url (with the access key at the end) is used.

Such as this one: http://www.danceminder.com/coll/show/41/3wmKWkjX

The only person who will always see the collection in various lists on DanceMinder is the person that created it.

Want to make sure your private collection isn’t showing up for normal users?  Log out and you should see it disappear from the site listings.

Also, if you want to reset the collection key, maybe the url was released unintentionally, just make the collection public.  Save the collection.  Make it private and save again.  Each time a collection is made private, a new key is generated.

After you click Save Changes, you’ll be taken to the collection viewing page where you’ll see what average users of the site see when they select a Collection.

Since you’re logged in, you’ll have a few more options than the average user.

The first two buttons are always visible but they’ll take your average internet citizen to the log in page.  In your case, since you’re logged in, they and the other buttons allow you to perform the following actions:

  • Email the collection to your friends.
  • Add a new collection.
  • Copy a collection.  If you or someone else has created a collection and you want to use that existing collection as boilerplate for a new collection, use this button to start.
  • Edit a collection.
  • Delete a collection.

Now, go create a collection.