Updated sign-up system

DanceMinder has been modified to include a simpler sign-up system that doesn’t include captcha.

What’s captcha?

This abomination:

It’s intended to keep bots out but what it does for the most part is keep normal humans away.  Can you tell what letters make up the second word?  Probably you can, but that’s one of the more legible examples that comes out of the captcha system.  Usually the words are tough to decipher.  I know I get tired of contorting my eyes until I can figure out the desired word and while it probably does keep the spammers away, I’ve suspected for a while that it’s keeping real people from signing up.

It’s gone now.

To sign up for DanceMinder you now only have to fill in your user name, email address and password.  A verification email will be sent to you and by following the link in the email, you’ll be validated as a real person and your account automatically activated.

Yeah, someday we’ll have to deal with spammers, but we’ll tackle that problem if or when it comes up.

For now, come on in!

Oh, one other addition is live input validation.  This is a fancy way to say that as you enter your user name on the sign-up page the system will check to see if the name is available.  This way you’ll immediately know if the name you want can be yours even before you submit your application.