Video resizing

Since adding the ability to show embedded videos we’ve recognized that the default size is very small, rather than make it larger by default we’ve also had a link which would quickly take you to a new window where you could view the video in larger format.

If you’ve wished that the embedded videos were larger, wish no more.  You can now make them as large or small as you like.

After opening the Videos section while viewing a dance


Just grab either the right edge, bottom edge or bottom-right corner and drag until the video is the size you want


Dance Of The Week: Clare Orange and Green set

The Dance Of The Week for this week is another fun set that takes a bit of practice to do right but is worth the effort. The Clare Orange and Green has a good mix of interesting movements using reels, jigs and polkas.  Click through for notes, music and video links

DOTW: The Duke Reel

The Dance Of The Week for this week is the Duke Reel, a fun intermediate ceili dance for three couples in a ring formation (really, kind of a pyramid).  It’s danced for fun and in competition so you have the option to dance it low and slow or kick up high and fast! Click through for notes (full and crib) and video links.