Dance Of The Week – Gates of Derry

The Dance Of The Week this week is the Gates Of Derry, an Ar Rince Foirne dance that takes a bit of practice to get right but isn’t as difficult as most descriptions make it sound.  The hardest part is not switching up the telescope and gates since the gates look more like a telescope than the telescope does.

Click through for notes, video links and a chart to help you get through the telescope.

Dance Of The Week – Ardgroom Polka Set

The Dance Of The Week for this week is a relatively easy polka set from Ardgroom in West Cork, appropriately called the Ardgroom Polka Set.

It’s similar in appearance to several other polka sets but should be danced with a low flowing style rather than bouncy as is done with other sets.  As Timmy McCarthy taught “like a ship on the ocean.”  Presumably a nice calm ocean.

Click through for notes and videos.

DanceMinder now using encryption for all pages

DanceMinder has just been upgraded to use ssl connections for the entire site.  This means that all communication between your computer and DanceMinder is encrypted.

Unless you’re particularly concerned with your online security, you probably wouldn’t have noticed the change.

The area that will have the most impact on you is the fact that you’ll now see a lock icon in your browser bar when you’re logging in and your browser will also know that your credentials are fully secured against prying eyes when you’re using DanceMinder while on the free wifi at your local dance hall.

Dance Of The Week – The Bonfire Dance

The Dance Of The Week for this week is a fun Irish ceili dance that can be danced with any number of couples and is most fun when you can fill a room with dancers.  The Bonfire Dance is one of the 30 dances found in Ar Rince Foirne.  Click through for notes and video.