Dance Of The Week – Labasheeda Reel Set

This week we’ve got an Irish set dance from county Clare called the Labasheeda Reel Set, sometimes just the Reel Set.  Make sure you get a good breakfast because this set has up to 7 figures.

Why “up to?”  Because figure 5 has a variation that is sometimes danced along with the others.  In any case, you’ll want to confer with the rest of your set to decide which version of figure 5 you’ll be doing if they’ll only be doing one of them.

Click through for notes and videos for each figure.

The following video includes both versions of figure 5

Dance Of The Week – Boston Two Step

The dance for this week is an easy two hand that’s good for formal dances as well as more energetic ceili’s.  You can dance it straight with as much decorum as you like, or raise the energy level up a few notches and give yourself a dancing workout.

Click through for notes and video.