New Features Sept 27, 2017

We’ve got some new stuff for you to play with!

We’ve been spending a lot of time working on some back-end additions and improvements to allow more people to create and edit dances and while most of those features aren’t quite ready yet (getting close!), the work has allowed us to push up some features that regular users can start using today.

Quicker access to crib/full views

Rather than loading the entire page when the crib icon is clicked on, we’ll now just load the movements on the page.  This results in a much faster switch when you want a compact view of the dance when using your phone or if you want to easily see the longer description of several movements, without having to tap or click to get there.

Easier switching between dances in a collection

It used to be that to go to another dance in a collection, you’d have to back up, wait for the collection to load, click on the next dance and wait for that to load.  Waiting for two pages to load when you are on public WiFi or if you’re at the very edge of your data connection can be just more than someone in 2017 should have to put up with.

Not any more.

If you’re signed into DanceMinder, each time you view a collection, that collection will be saved as the default.

As a result, each time you view a dance, there will be a new button visible at the top of the dance that looks like this. Actually, by the time you see the live site, it may look a little different, we’re still working on tweaking the look and feel.

If you don’t see the button, open up a collection and click on a dance in that collection.  The button should show up after that.  If you still don’t see the button, make sure you’re signed in.

When you click on the button, you’ll get a dialog like the following:

You can click on Prev/Next to page through the list of dances or tap/click on a dance to be taken directly to that dance.

Saving the “bars” display

This is a part of a larger set of preferences for editors and admins, but one that regular users can also use.

In an effort to un-clutter the display, we’ve added the ability to hide the bar display on dances that normally show it.  Click on the note icon at the top of the movements to toggle the bars on and off.

Signed-in users will have this preference saved so that each time you view a dance, it will come up the way you last had it.

Run over and take a look!