Blacktown Set

Another dance is available on DanceMinder. The Blacktown Set which has roots in several counties of Ireland. If you have any videos of this set please let us know!

Registered users of DanceMinder can comment, rate dances and download PDF versions.  If you aren’t a member now, you can quickly create an account or log in with your Facebook, Google or Twitter account.

Customized home screen added

Because we can’t keep away from the computer on a cloudy Saturday we’ve customized the home screen a bit for you.

When you log in, DanceMinder will now show you what dances and collections have been added or modified since you last logged in.

As more feedback comes in for the new commenting system we’ll also start showing what comments have been added.


Optimizations, visual tweaks and commenting

Several changes have gone live on DanceMinder in the last couple of days.  These include:

  • Back-end optimizations to so that dances come up faster.  We’re always looking for ways to make sure that when you select a dance, it shows up in your browser as quickly as possible.
  • Various styles have been tweaked to improve the presentation of the site.  Rather than listing them all here, it’ll be more fun to let you discover those as you use the site.
  • Commenting has been added.  It might seem odd to mention this last but while members can now add comments to dances or figures within dances, this is a bit of an experimental feature.  Use it as you will and let us know if there are any changes you would like.

When you’re viewing a dance you will see two kinds of icons. which indicates that the element of a dance (either the dance or a figure) has no comments. By clicking on the icon you’ll be given the chance to add some.

You’ll also see which indicates that there are already comments that have been added to the element.  By clicking the icon you’ll be shown those comments and given a field where you can enter new ones.

For the moment comments are added for public viewing un-moderated *gasp*.  This means that we expect our members to act like adults, not to post anything that they wouldn’t want their mothers or children to read and to treat each other with respect.

At the moment you can’t edit or delete a comment you’ve added.  Those features are on the way though.

Facebook login added

If you’re like me and you just don’t want to have, keep track of and think about the security of yet another web site login, a new addition to DanceMinder may interest you.  Facebook login.

You can now choose to use your Facebook account to log into DanceMinder and you’ll immediately be granted user privileges.

Just click on the Facebook icon on that you’ll see on most pages and you’ll be taken to Facebook where you can authorize access to your basic information. You’ll then be taken back to DanceMinder where you’ll be logged in as a DanceMinder user.

It’s that simple and you’ll immediately be able to use DanceMinder as a full user.