DanceMinder wasn’t created in a vacuum.  While the bulk of the programming work is being done by Michael Harrison, the following people and groups played a part.

Susan Harrison helped with the initial database designs, visual layout and continually provides feedback on the site and dances.

Clare Cason helps us keep the dances accurate.

Pat Murphy for recording numerous dances through his books and videos and giving us permission to reproduce his work on DanceMinder.

The developers of the jQuery library.  It’s used in a lot of little ways throughout the site.

Ellis Labs for creating CodeIgniter and making it available for others to use.  It forms the core of DanceMinder.

Harry Roberts for making his grid creator available through the Inuit library.

The creators of SimplePie for their easy to use RSS reader library used to show DanceMinder blog updates on the main page.

The developers of the TCPDF library that allows us to create PDF versions of the dances.

Stu Nicholls for the menu code we’re using.