If you’re interested in dance (particularly Irish at the moment), you’ll be interested in these links and references.

Web links

Facebook community page

For those people interested in DanceMinder and who are members of Facebook, this is the place to go to see the latest news and participate in member discussions. You can also subscribe to the blog rss feed to get info on the latest updates.

If you want to find out where to dance next, is the place to go.

Irish Dance Wiki

The Irish Dance Wiki aims to become for Irish Dancing what Wikipedia is to general information. Everyone is welcome to contribute and fill out information on schools, dancing venues, stores, books, videos, etc as they’re related to Irish dancing.

Online notes

Notes by Joe O’Hara at Set Dancing News

Ring Of Kerry Irish Dancers

Newcastle Irish Set Dancers


Instructional Books and Videos

Toss the Feathers by Pat Murphy

A must-have for those of us living too far from County Clare to dance at Vaughan’s Barn regularly, this book details many set dances from all over Ireland.

The Flowing Tide by Pat Murphy

Another must-have for the serious set dancers out there.

Apples in Winter

Pat Murphy’s third book on Irish dance which includes a large number of set and social dances.

Tabhair Dom Do Lamh

Pat Murphy’s fourth book on Irish dance featuring the latest new sets for a total of 52 of set and social dances in the book.

Faoi Do Chois

This video (DVD) teaches four set dances by showing the footwork followed by context within a set. It comes with a CD and written descriptions, which makes for a nicely rounded set of materials. For more information, see this review.
Faoi Do Chois c/o Willowbrook
Galroostown, Termonfechin
Co. Louth
Ph. 041 9881764
Cost as of this writing was USA & Canada us$44.00 ($40.00 + $4.00 p+p)


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