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The short version is that we won’t share your personal information without your permission ever. The only information you’re required to supply is an email address for verification, which is encrypted in the DanceMinder database. Everything else in your DanceMinder profile is optional and will only be shared if you choose to do so.

By default, the only DanceMinder information about you that’s publicly available is:

  1. Your user name. This is not your real name but rather the unique name you choose to be known by on DanceMinder. This does not have to be your real name but using that will make it easier for other members to find you when that feature goes live.
  2. Your avatar picture if you choose to upload one.  The default picture will be used if you don’t upload your own.
  3. Your web site link if you choose to list one.
  4. Any additional comments about yourself you’ve chosen to enter in your profile.
  5. Dance collections. Lists of dances you’ve created.  If you’ve created private collections, those collections will remain hidden from other members and non-members.

DanceMinder members have the ability to send emails to other members through the site (if the recipient has chosen to allow that). In case of a complaint, the user id of the sender, user id of the recipient and when the message was sent is logged in our database. The content of the message is not and will never be stored by DanceMinder.  Emails sent between members are explicitly private unless one of the parties chooses to make the communication public.

The content of emails sent by editors and admins to the general membership are recorded.  In this case they are speaking for the site as a whole and the message itself is not considered private since the larger membership will receive it.

DanceMinder members also have the ability to send messages to each other which are saved in the DanceMinder database.  Because these messages are maintained by DanceMinder (as opposed to the emails mentioned previously) the content of the messages are stored in the DanceMinder database.  These messages are considered private and will not be accessed by the DanceMinder admins except in the case that a complaint is made regarding the content of the message or behavior of the correspondents.

Note that deleted messages are not purged from the system until both the sender and recipient of the message has deleted the message.


While we do reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time, members will be notified 30 days before any changes which would affect their privacy goes into effect.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our policy please contact us

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