DOTW: An Rince Mor

The Dance Of The Week for this week is a well known ceili dance An Rince Mor.  It’s danced throughout the world for competition and fun and is an easy dance to learn.  It’s a dance that’s good for any number of couples and especially fun when you have a large hall filled with spinning people.
Click through for notes and video.  Also don’t forget that shorter crib notes are available (for all dances) for use on the floor or any time you need a quick reference.

DOTW: Sneem Set

The Dance Of The Week for this week is the Sneem Set. Click through for notes for this dance.  There aren’t any videos to be found online but we hope to have some up soon.  Many thanks to Pat Murphy for permitting us to upload our videos of the Sneem set from the 2009 Joe Mooney week!  You’ll find links in the Videos section on the Sneem Set page.