Feature update – Collection searching

A new feature has just been added to DanceMinder, the ability to search collections and control how the collection list is sorted.

As part of this update you can now:

  1. Sort by date, either when the collection was added, or last updated.
  2. Sort by name.
  3. Sort the final list either in ascending or descending or A-Z or Z-A so that you can see the newest or oldest first in the list.
  4. Filter the results based on text you enter.  At the moment this filter uses the collection name, description and location during the search.  Searching dances that are a part of a collection will be added in a future release.

Now you can easily return to a collection based on its age or if it was used for your favorite event.

Give it a try


Customized home screen added

Because we can’t keep away from the computer on a cloudy Saturday we’ve customized the home screen a bit for you.

When you log in, DanceMinder will now show you what dances and collections have been added or modified since you last logged in.

As more feedback comes in for the new commenting system we’ll also start showing what comments have been added.


What’s a Collection?

A Collection on DanceMinder is simply a list of dances.  These can be used as a series of dances for a public event, dances you’d like to study, dances for a class or for any purpose you like.  A collection includes a description and a field for a location where you can put the name of a studio, hall or even town crossroads.

How do you enter a collection?

Glad you asked.

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