Dance Of The Week – Flight Of The Earls

The Dance Of The Week for this week is Flight Of The Earls, or The Leuven Set by Jim Keenan that chronicles the flight of the Earls from Donegal beginning in 1607.

It’s not a particularly difficult dance but does have a variety of movements in each figure that will keep you thinking.

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Dance Of The Week – Cross Of The Commons

The Dance Of the Week for this week is the Cross Of The Commons set, an Irish set dance recently composed by Joan Pollard Carew in memory of her father Jackie Pollard.

The dance is short (only 3 figures) and easy to learn and has a few unusual moves to keep you interested.

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Dance Of The Week – Trip To The Cottage

For this week we’ve got an Ar Rinci Foirne ceili dance that will take some practice to get right but when done all the way through will give you a decent workout.  Trip To The Cottage is danced with 4 couples in a square formation and has four major movements to keep you thinking.  Remember, get those feet up!

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