New Features Sept 27, 2017

We’ve got some new stuff for you to play with!

We’ve been spending a lot of time working on some back-end additions and improvements to allow more people to create and edit dances and while most of those features aren’t quite ready yet (getting close!), the work has allowed us to push up some features that regular users can start using today. Continue reading New Features Sept 27, 2017

New Feature – Favorite Dances

Hello everyone,

There’s a new feature in town!   You can now tag dances as one of your ‘favorites.’ when you’re viewing the dance either in full or crib views.

What does this mean?
Whenever you tag a dance as a favorite, using the new star icon next to the dance name, it’s added to a private collection called, appropriately, Favorites.  This collection is viewable only by you unless you share it with someone using the private link you’ll see when viewing your Favorites collection.  Most of the time you’ll likely just want to keep it private.

Your Favorite collection will always show up first in your collection lists and will be used for several upcoming features.  It also provides a way for you to very quickly get to the dances that are most important to you through the new Favorites menu link.

In the near future you’ll be able to enable notifications so that DanceMinder will tell you any time one of your favorite dances change.  This will include minor editing changes as well as when videos or comments are added or changed for one of your favorite dances.

Before that, we’ll be implementing a messaging system so that you’ll be able to choose between email notifications or web site notifications similar to what you may be used to in Facebook.

For the moment run over to DanceMinder, log in and start adding your favorite dances!

If you run into any problems please let us know through the contact page.

New dances! Kilkenny Lancers and Newmarket Meserts

We’ve been a bit lax in updating everyone on the latest dances that have been added. Btw, you can always see the latest on the front page were we’ll show you what’s been added either in the last week or since you last logged on.

The latest dances to be added are the Kilkenny Lancers Set and the Newmarket Meserts.

We’re still looking for good video of either of these so if you have some, please share!

Updates to DanceMinder search

In addition to the back-end simplification for adding Contra dances (which has resulted in even more being added in the last few days) we’ve made some additions to the search capability in DanceMinder.

  • You can now search on the Fun and Difficulty ratings for a dance.  Select what you are interested in from one or more of the drop down controls and DanceMinder will return dances with the rating you’ve selected.  Keep in mind that DanceMinder will return a combination of all the filters that have been applied.  If you need to start fresh, just click on the Reset filters link.


If a dance doesn’t show up based on the difficulty or fun rating you’ve chosen that means that the dance either hasn’t been rated, or there haven’t been enough ratings given.  You might need to get out there and do some rating of  your own!

After St. Patrick’s season has concluded, we’ll make another modification to this search so that any dance rated higher than or equal to the level you’ve chose will show up in the results.  For now, it’s just equal to.

  • Text search has been expanded to include the figure and movement descriptions so that you’ll now see many more hits when searching on things like “christmas” or other words that typically only appear in the movement titles or descriptions.