Dance Of The Week – Boston Two Step

The dance for this week is an easy two hand that’s good for formal dances as well as more energetic ceili’s.  You can dance it straight with as much decorum as you like, or raise the energy level up a few notches and give yourself a dancing workout.

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Opinion – Irish Music Session Dance Etiquette

20090728 Ireland - Dingle music reservation

You’re an Irish dancer and you’ve run across a music session in which the players have got some serious craic going on.  The music is making your feet move on their own and you can’t stand it anymore.  You’ve got to get up and dance.  You jump up, perhaps even pull some fellow dancers along and begin dancing.

But stop.  Before you head over to join the musicians, consider the following.

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Dance Of The Week – Gay Gordons

The dance for this week is one that we have two versions of on DanceMinder.  The Gay Gordons here and here.

This is a very easy two-hand dance that can be used when you have new dancers as well as when you want to warm up some dancers at the beginning or let them cool off at the end of a night of dancing.

DOTW: High Cauled Cap

The dance of the week for this week is a ceili dance called the High Cauled Cap.  It’s a relatively easy (that being relative and all) dance that when danced high can be used as a work-out or when danced low as a very good warm-up.  You’ll find it danced at pubs and ceilis throughout the world and if you make it to a North American Comhaltas convention you’re definitely going to encounter it.  Be prepared to do the body every time!

DOTW: Clare Lancers

The Dance of the Week for this week is the Clare Lancers set.  It’s a lively set that’s done at most ceilis throughout the world and is especially fun when there’s a large hall full of people creating lines from one end of the hall to the other.  Follow the link for notes and videos.

DOTW: Antrim Square

The dance for this week (apologies for being a few days late) is the Antrim Square set. It’s easy to learn and while the square usually takes a couple of run-throughs to smooth out the kinks, the dance is fun for both dancers and spectators.