DVD Review – Second Nature


Second Nature is a new Sean Nos (or “single turn dancing”) DVD out by Edwina Guckian featuring a variety of Sean Nos steps from and narratives about country Leitrim, Ireland.

Funded on kickstarter and launched in January 2015, the project met its goals two months later and started shipping in September 2015. Continue reading DVD Review – Second Nature

Opinion – Irish Music Session Dance Etiquette

20090728 Ireland - Dingle music reservation

You’re an Irish dancer and you’ve run across a music session in which the players have got some serious craic going on.  The music is making your feet move on their own and you can’t stand it anymore.  You’ve got to get up and dance.  You jump up, perhaps even pull some fellow dancers along and begin dancing.

But stop.  Before you head over to join the musicians, consider the following.

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Dance Of The Week – Derrada Set

The dance of the week for this week is the Derrada Set. An easy dance with three figures of jig, polka and reel respectively.  This is another dance that gives one plenty of time for battering and a few opportunities for a bit of flirting.  Click through for notes, videos and music references.

Dance Of The Week: Clare Orange and Green set

The Dance Of The Week for this week is another fun set that takes a bit of practice to do right but is worth the effort. The Clare Orange and Green has a good mix of interesting movements using reels, jigs and polkas.  Click through for notes, music and video links

Facebook login added

If you’re like me and you just don’t want to have, keep track of and think about the security of yet another web site login, a new addition to DanceMinder may interest you.  Facebook login.

You can now choose to use your Facebook account to log into DanceMinder and you’ll immediately be granted user privileges.

Just click on the Facebook icon on that you’ll see on most pages and you’ll be taken to Facebook where you can authorize access to your basic information. You’ll then be taken back to DanceMinder where you’ll be logged in as a DanceMinder user.

It’s that simple and you’ll immediately be able to use DanceMinder as a full user.