Dance Of The Week – Trip To The Cottage

For this week we’ve got an Ar Rinci Foirne ceili dance that will take some practice to get right but when done all the way through will give you a decent workout.  Trip To The Cottage is danced with 4 couples in a square formation and has four major movements to keep you thinking.  Remember, get those feet up!

Click through for notes and video links.

Dance Of The Week – Foraer A Neaintin

The dance for this week is an easy, but fun Irish set dance that’s also known as the Connemara Jig set.  Foraer A Neaintin was originally danced as a half-set and you’ll often find that the first three figures are shortened to omit the second tops and sides repeats. Some people just want to get to the next dance I suppose.  Click through for notes and links to video and music references.

New dance added – Carrowbeg Set

The latest dance to be added to DanceMinder is an Irish set dance recently composed by Pat Murphy and presented during Connie Ryan Set Dance Weekend in January 2016.

The Carrowbeg Set has some reasonably simple but fun to dance moves and the third figure will no doubt remind you of the Lancers set.

Take a look for the notes and links to videos provided by Pat.

Dance Of The Week – 8 Hand Reel

The Dance Of The Week for this week is a challenging 8 hand reel that’s commonly danced at feiseanna.  The 8 Hand Reel doesn’t have any moves that are particularly difficult but it requires precise movements and will give you a good cardio workout.

Click through for notes and video links.

Dance Of The Week – Corballa Set

The dance for this week is a new dance by Ger Butler, composed in memory of his mother, called the Corballa Set.  It’s got enough complexity to keep the dancers thinking and even a Sean Nos move thrown in for good measure.

Click through for notes, music references and links to videos of Pat Murphy calling each figure.