Dance Of The Week – Templebeg Set

The Dance Of the Week for this week is a fairly complicated set recently composed by Pat Murphy (yes, that Pat Murphy) in honor of his home region of Templebeg.

The Templebeg Set has some intricate and in some cases, rapid, movements that are fun to watch and we expect, fun to dance.

Click through for notes and links to videos for each of the figures.

Dance Of The Week: Clare Orange and Green set

The Dance Of The Week for this week is another fun set that takes a bit of practice to do right but is worth the effort. The Clare Orange and Green has a good mix of interesting movements using reels, jigs and polkas.  Click through for notes, music and video links

DOTW: The Merchant Set


The Dance Of The Week for this week is The Merchant Set, a new set created by Pádraig and Róisín McEneany in late 2013.  It’s a short, fun looking set which has the dancers dancing top position in turn on each figure.  Click through for notes and video of the second figure.

Let us know if you’ve got video of any of the other figures!