Feature update – Collection searching

A new feature has just been added to DanceMinder, the ability to search collections and control how the collection list is sorted.

As part of this update you can now:

  1. Sort by date, either when the collection was added, or last updated.
  2. Sort by name.
  3. Sort the final list either in ascending or descending or A-Z or Z-A so that you can see the newest or oldest first in the list.
  4. Filter the results based on text you enter.  At the moment this filter uses the collection name, description and location during the search.  Searching dances that are a part of a collection will be added in a future release.

Now you can easily return to a collection based on its age or if it was used for your favorite event.

Give it a try


Update Sep 3, 2012

There have been several style updates to make DanceMinder more mobile-friendly.

  1. The biggest change is to the navigation menu which will change to icon-only on smaller screens.
  2. The logo and social networking block will be hidden on smaller devices.
  3. The menu so there are fewer top-level items and ‘home’ has been replaced with an icon.
  4. The display of posts from the blog have also been made more attractive.

You can see these changes by viewing the site on your phone, viewing on a tablet and rotating your device or changing your browser window size when viewing the site at your desk.

This is all groundwork and housecleaning before the next round of major changes to the site.

What’s a Collection?

A Collection on DanceMinder is simply a list of dances.  These can be used as a series of dances for a public event, dances you’d like to study, dances for a class or for any purpose you like.  A collection includes a description and a field for a location where you can put the name of a studio, hall or even town crossroads.

How do you enter a collection?

Glad you asked.

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Update Aug 2, 2012

There’s been an important update to the way your email addresses are stored.  Many sites, including DanceMinder prior to today, store your email addresses unencrypted in their databases.

If you follow tech news at all, you will have heard, seemingly weekly, about major sites being hacked and at best user email addresses becoming available to spammers and in some cases even the passwords were available or easily cracked.

DanceMinder now stores email addresses in encrypted form.  Your password has always been stored encrypted and now, even if something happens to our servers and a hacker manages to get hold of our database, your email addresses and passwords will both be safe.

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