Almost There

Category: American Contra

By Tom Lehmann (11/05)
Form long, wavy lines: ladies face in, gents face out.
Last time through:  B2: Ladies allemande right 1x to Partner swing
*3/4 heys hard to tell when gone far enough.  Balance when you meet your partner the second time.

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Improper (Reel)

32 Bars

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A1 Balance wave R/L, Slide right, (form new wave)
Balance wave L/R, Slide left (take rt with new N)
A2 Box the Gnat (to put the ladies back to back in the center)
Pull by Rt to start 3/4 hey* (NR, GL, PR, LL, NR, GL)
B1 Partner balance and swing (Gents original side) 8
B2 Ladies alle rt 1 1/2, N alle lt 1 3/4 (long wavy lines) 8
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