Amy's Harmonium

Category: American Contra

By Cary Ravitz
Start the dance improper and teach B2 first.  Face neighbor to orient Gents to the direction of the orbit, THEN ladies allemande left.

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Becket, CCW (Reel)

32 Bars

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A1 LLFB (partners roll away w/half sashay on the way back)
Gents allemande right 1 3/4
A2 Neighbor balance and swing 8
B1 Ladies chain across
Circle left 3/4, Pass thru (up/down) to new couple
B2 Ladies alle lt 1x while Gents orbit 1/2 CW(left)
Partner swing
Added on 2011-12-14 19:54:34.
Modified on 2016-06-10 17:06:18.
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