Anderson Ferry Reel

Category: American Contra

By Eric Conrad
5-7 couples (6 ideal) Mixer

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Proper lw (Reel)

32 Bars

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A1 Up a double and back, Repeat Borrowed from English country dancing. W/partner, face up and go F/B 8
A2 Ptr Dosido 1 1/4, to face new ptr (2 loners at ends) Swing this new partner 8
B1 Two loners ride the ferry If set has 7 couples, lone people will omit last weave to get back to place in time (Lone Gent weaves down ladies line to bottom of gents line lone Lady weaves up Gents line to top of ladies line.) 8
B2 LLFB (adjust lines), Swing new partner (end face up) 8
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