An Rince Mor

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Category: Irish, Ceili/Ceilidh

The Big Dance.
A round dance for any number of couples. Dancers form a large ring round the room, with each gents partner to his right.
The dance repeats until the musicians or dancers wear out.

Tagged: Ar Rince Foirne

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Reel, 40 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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Ring to the left and right Everyone take hands in the circle and 7's left, finishing with two short 3's, repeat to the right to return home.
2Swing with the lady on the left Ladies cross hands right over left, gents take her hands from underneath and both swing in place clockwise with a skipping step.8
3Swing with your partner Turn to your partner and swing at home8
4Link Arms (R to corner, L to partner) Gents link right arm with lady on the left and turn clockwise (2 bars); link left arm with partner and turn counter-clockwise (2b); repeat the right arm link with lady on the left, return to partner and take crossed hands in front facing counter-clockwise around the circle with the gent on the inside.8
5Lead around With promenade step everyone leads around counter-clockwise. During the last two bars, re-form the circle and take hands.8

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