Antrim Reel

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Dancers line up as couples, two opposite two repeating down the hall.
The first couple with their back to the band is couple 1 (odd, or top couple) with couples 2 and on numbered down the line.
Each set of two couples (four dancers) forms a set, dancing with each other until the end of the last movement.
The dance is progressive, each odd couple moving down one position after completing all the movements, and each even couple moving up one position towards the top of the set.
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The following video has very good annotation of the steps

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Repeating (Reel)

64 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

As each couple reaches either end of the line they should turn around and wait to progress back into the dance, remembering that the lady should be on the right side of the gent.
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1 Everyone
Advance and return Couples take inside hands and advance towards the opposite couple, with promenade step (2b).  On the second three, release hands and turn toward each other and back toward home position. Take inside hands and promenade back to home (2b).  Release hands on second three and and turn your partner (4b).
2 Right and left half turn Partners take right hands and exchange places (with promenade step) (2b). Release hands and take left hands and dance back to place (2b). 4
3 Sidestep and Heyes Partners change places with the side step (sevens) with gents passing behind the ladies (2b) and finish with two short threes (2b).
The two ladies of each set change places with promenade step, passing left shoulder to left shoulder, while the gents dance two short threes in place (2b). The gents now changes places with promenade step, passing right shoulder to right while the ladies dance two short threes in place (2b).
This whole movement is repeated. When changing sides, ladies cross right shoulder to right shoulder and men left shoulder to left shoulder.
4 Dance down the center All dancers face their partner. Odd couples take hands and sidestep down the line to "home" for the opposite couple, while the even couples sidestep outside them up the line (2b). Everyone dances two short threes (2b) and on second three the odd couple release hands and dance back one step (fall back) while the even couples advance and take hands. Everyone side-steps back to home (even couple passing between the odd couple), and eveyone finishes with two short threes (4b). On the second three everyone falls back to their original positions. 8
5 Right and left wheels Each set puts right hands across in the center, shoulder high, with the ladies hands above gents. Dance around clockwise (4b) and on the fourth bar release hands and reverse direction. Put left hands across and dance back home (4b). 8
6 Sidestep with opposite This movement is similar to Dance Down the Center except that the gent of the odd couple takes right hands with the lady of even couple and they sidestep between the other two of their set as the even gent and odd lady sidestep on the outside. 8
7 Left and right wheels Each set puts left hands across in the center, shoulder high, with the ladies hands above gents. Dance around counter-clockwise (4b) and on the fourth bar release hands and reverse direction. Put right hands across and dance back home (4b). 8
8 Swing out Partners face each other and take both hands, with ladies crossed right over left.  Odd couples swing counter-clockwise with the even couple (while each pair turn clockwise) to change places so that have move halfway around the circle formed by their set and are back to back, facing a new couple or standing at the end of the line.
All the movements are repeated with couple 1 now dancing with couple 4 and couple 3 dancing with couple and so on.
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