Aoife 3 step

Category: Irish Two-Hand

2-hand dance. Couples form in a big circle traveling gradually CCW. From Pride of Erin DVD by Pat Murphy.

forward 2 3
and side 2 3
back home 2 3
and retire 2 3
turn away
house 2 3 4

This is also known as the Evening Three Step.

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Figure 1: Repeating (Jig)

16 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

Couples take inside hands and dance forward. Ladies start on R foot, gents on L. Dance repeats until the musicians or dancers pass out.
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1 Everyone
Forward Both dance forward (step, step, step).
2 Sidestep Release hands and dance sideways to trade places (gent behind).
For a flourish, gents turn clockwise and ladies turn counter-clockwise as they sidestep.
3 Sidestep back Dance sideways to original place (lady behind)
If flourishing, ladies turn clockwise, gents counter-clockwise.
4 Retire Take hands and retire (step step step) 2
5 Turn away Release hands, turn away from each other and back (tiny cast off) 2
6 Side and back Face each other and take both hands to dance to gent's L (side 2 3) and R (back 2 3) 2
7 House With crossed hands. 4
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