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This set was recorded on Inis Mér by Séamus O Méa16id.
Originally added based on notes from Toss The Feathers by Pat Murphy
The reel step is danced with a light heel lift and the polka step is very flat.

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Figure 1: Grand Chain (Reel)

152 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Everyone
Lead around and back All couples lead around anticlockwise holding both hands (8b), turn in place, keeping hands at waist level. Lead clockwise (6b) and dance facing partners (16b) (2b), gents facing out, and ladies facing in.
2 Swing All couples swing in céilf hold. 8
3 Chain All face partners, take right hands, dance on the spot (2b), chain all round (12b) and dance the last two bars facing partners. All take inside arms instead of hands in the chain. Alternate instructions from Mick Mulkerrin via Bill Lynch is for partners to face each other, take right arm hold and chain round to meet partners in the opposite place and batter 2 bars in place, chain on back to place and batter the last 2 bars at home. 16
4 Swing All couples swing. 8
5 Tops
Ladies Chain Top ladies chain. They take inside arms in the centre, turn clockwise under opposite gent's left arm while they both turn anticlockwise, chain in the centre again and dance under their own partner's left arm, going anti-clockwise around him while he faces in.
6 Everyone
Tops swing, sides cross over Top couples swing, while side couples cross over anticlockwise to opposite positions. On the way over, the side gents turn the ladies clockwise, under both arms once (2 bars)
7 Tops
Wave Top couples dance the 'waves'. They advance (1-2, 1-2), retire (1-2, 1-2), (4b)
8 Tops swing, sides cross over Top couples swing, while side couples dance back to their own sides with the gents tuming the ladies again. 8
9 Sides
Dance 3 to 8 Side couples leading.

Figure 2: Dance Around Opposites (Reel)

288 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Tops
Chain As in the first figure.
2 Swing Top couples swing. 8
3 1st top gent
Cross over and back Top gent and opposite lady change places, passing right shoulder to right, turn clockwise at the opposite side (4b), pass back right shoulder to right (2b) and turn anticlockwise to face each other in the centre (2b).
4 Swing Top gent and opposite lady swing in the centre, finishing the swing with their backs to their own positions. 8
5 Tops
Cross over The swinging couple dance back one step, as their partners dance one step forward to take their hands (4bar)
6 Arch Top gent, holding his partner's right hand to form an arch, dances forward keeping his back to the couple on his left, while opposite lady dances across to her right, going behind him to come back under the arch, as her partner advances to the front of the arch to meet her, taking her hands (2b) 8
7 Swing in Second top couple swing, moving to the centre (8b). First couple with the gent's right arm around the lady's waist and her left hand on his shoulder, advance to meet them during the last two bars and the second lady moves from the swing to join them in a line of three facing her own partner. The top gent now has a lady on each side. 8
8 Advance, retire, christmas All retire, advance, retire again and advance to form a circle of four in the centre. 8
9 Everyone
Swing Top couples swing in the centre (6b), breaking back to place from the swing (2b). Side couples swing in place at the same time.
10 1st Sides
Dance 1 to 9 1st sides leading. First side couple are left of first top couple.
11 2nd Tops
Dance 1 to 9 2nd tops leading.
12 2nd Sides
Dance 1 to 9 2nd sides leading.

Figure 3: Gents Change Over (Polka)

80 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Everyone
Circle advance & retire, move on Circle, advance and retire twice. When retiring the second time, gents move left and ladies move right, all couples taking their corners into waltz hold.
2 House to ladies position Dance clockwise, turning clockwise twice, to finish in the ladies' original positions. 8
3 Repeat 1 and 2 Repeat until back in place with their own partners. 48
4 Circle advance and retire twice 8
5 Swing 8
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