Around The Sound

Category: American Contra

By Cary Ravitz
B1/B2 can also be danced as B1 - pass through across (4) / star right 3/4 (8) / men look for the next man ... (4) / B2 - partner swing (16).

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Becket (Reel)

32 Bars

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A1 Long lines go forward, neighbors gypsy 1/2, and men take neighbors back to the side (opposite the men's home side)
Neighbors swing
A2 Men pass left to start a 1/2 hey
Neighbors swing
B1 Long lines go forward, partners gypsy 1/2, and long lines go back
Star right 3/4
B2 Men look for the next man to allemande left 1 while ladies walk to meet your partner
Partners swing
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