Bridge of Athlone

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A long dance for any number of couples. Form two lines, gents facing ladies with the gents left shoulder facing the band. Each odd couple and the couple immediately below them form a set
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Repeating (Jig)

80 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Everyone
Footwork, advance and retire Each line of dancers take hands and dance the rising step twice (4b), advance and retire once (4b), dance the rising step twice again and then release hands, pass through the opposite line right shoulder to right and turn clockwise to face the other line
2 Advance back Repeat movement 1 back to place. 16
3 Down the center First set (or two or three if the line is long) take right hands and sidestep down the center between the two lines finishing with two short threes. Sidestep back to place and finish with two short threes. 8
4 Cast off Leading set cast off to the outside of their lines, gents to the left and ladies to the right and down to the bottom of the line. The other dancers follow the lead couple(s). This and the next movement are frequently danced to a march. 8
5 Bridge The leading set form a bridge at the bottom and the other dancers take inside hands and dance to the top of the set. As they reach the top they form their own bridge.
After the last couple passes under the bridge, the leading couple(s) release hands and dance to the top of the set with the lady passing under and the gent passing outside the line.
When they reach the top they dance back down the line with the lady passing out and the gent dancing under, leading couples taking their places at the end of the line.
The dance is repeated until the dancers or musicians pass out.
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