Cor Beirte

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Siamsa Beirte in Irish.
Dancers form a circle around the room, right hand in right, gents’ backs to the center. Instructions from the Pride of Erin DVD by Pat Murphy, pronounced (kor birtcheh)
Gents and ladies dance starting on the right foot except for the side step, when the gents must start by stepping their left foot to the side to travel left.

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Figure 1: Repeating (Reel)

24 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Everyone
Side step Couples facing each other and holding right hands, sidestep (7's) to the gents left; end with two threes in place. Repeat back home.
2 Sink & Change Tap the ground with a toe, lift the foot while hopping a little, then step onto this foot slightly behind, step onto the opposite foot, and back onto the first foot (as in 3's).  This move is a little like the ceili sink and grind.  Gents begin by tapping with the right foot, ladies with the left so the ladies end with their weight on the left foot. 2
3 Change places while holding right hands, lady turns CCW under the gent's arm as he dances to her place. 2
4 Sink & Change back Repeat sink and change, sinking with the opposite leg. Change back to original positions. 4
5 Promenade Promenade/lead around the circle CCW with crossed hand hold. 8
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