Every Man's Chance

Category: Irish Ceili/Ceilidh

A dance for any number of couples. Dancers form a large circle around the room with men standing to the left of their ladies.

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Repeating (Reel)

64 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Everyone
Advance and Retire Take hands and advance to the center and retire, twice with skip steps (hop 1-2-3, hop 2-2-3).
2 Swing with partner Everyone swing with their partner. 8
3 Ladies
Advance and Retire Ladies advance and retire twice
4 Gents
Advance and Retire Gents advance and retire twice.
When the gents retire the second time ladies should dance one position to the right.
5 Everyone
Dance 1 to 4 Repeat as many times as desired
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