Gates of Derry

Category: Irish Ceili/Ceilidh

Danced to a single jig.  Ar Rince Foirne names the Quaker’s Wife as a favorite tune.
The dance works best with four couples in two lines, although theoretically it could be any multiple of four people.  Partners start in opposite lines, facing each other with the top of the room, where the band is, to the top gent’s left. Dancers line up as shown below.  The gent above #1 is the top gent, and he plus the lady, gent, and lady to his right form the first line.

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Gates of Derry (Single Jig)

216 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Everyone
Advance, Retire & Arch Holding hands in each line, dancers advance toward the opposite line (2b), retire (2b), then advance and dance across into opposite places (4b).  The line in the top position (gent whose left shoulder is closest to the band) raises held hands to form arches when dancing across, while the second line drops hands and dances under the arches.  Everyone passes the person across by right shoulders, and all turn clockwise to face the opposite line in the last bar.
Repeat, with the line now in the top position arching.
2 The Gates Couples #1 and 3 (both gents in the 1st line) take crossed hand hold and sidestep to the gents' right, turn the ladies clockwise by right hands while dancing on the spot, then take crossed hands again, dance 7's to home and 3's in place, no turn.  Meanwhile couples 2 and 4 sidestep to their gents' right, dance two 3's, then dance 7's and two 3's back to home, all without taking hands. 8
3 Rings The top two couples take hands to make a circle, and the bottom two couples make their own circle.  The circles dance 7's right, two 3's in place, 7's back home, 3's in place. 8
4 The Gates Couples 2 and 4 take crossed hands and dance to their gents' right down the center and back, the same as couples 1 and 3 did earlier, while # 1 and 3 dance on the outside. 8
5 Rings Repeat the two rings as before but sidestep left (clockwise) first. 8
6 Telescope [In general: When dancing along the middle of the telescope, do continuous 7's, no 3's.  When you reach either end, dance two 3's in place, not holding hands, before going the other direction with continuous 7's.  In the middle, couples alternate between holding hands while dancing in the center and shifting to the outside without holding hands.  It's a weaving in and out maneuver.]
a) Couples 1 and 3 take uncrossed hands and sidestep to the gents' right while 2 and 4 dance on the outside, not holding hands (2b).
b) Next the 1's back up to continue 7's down the telescope as the 4's quickly move in and take hands to continue up the telescope, while couples 2 and 3 dance on the spot (2b).
c) Now the end couples 7's toward the center as the center couples move to the ends (2b).
The movement continues in this pattern until all couples are back to their original positions.
In the graphic, couple 1 = blue square, 2 = red circle, 3 = green triangle, 4 = yellow star.

1  2  3  4 [starting position]        
2  1  4  3 [a]
2  4  1  3 [b]
4  2  3  1 [c]
4  3  2  1
3  4  1  2
3  1  4  2
1  3  2  4
1  2  3  4
7 Right and Left Wheel The top two couples join right hands in the center and dance clockwise for 4 bars, turn around, put left hands in, and dance counter clockwise to home.  Bottom two couples do the same. 8
8 Swing Around Couples take crossed hands and swing around the couple they were just dancing the wheel with to trade places.  (Couples revolve clockwise while traveling counter clockwise.)  At the end of the first pass, the couples should be in this order:  2  1  4  3 8
9 Repeat 2 to 8 In new positions, repeat everything after the initial advance and retire, but only the middle two couples (1 and 4) dance the wheel and swing.  For the next repeat, the order of couples will be 2  4  1  3.  (Yes, those on the ends stay there.) 64
10 Repeat 2 to 8 Repeat everything after the initial advance and retire.  All couples dance the wheel and swing too. 64
11 Advance, Retire & Arch Dance exactly as at the beginning of the dance. 8
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