Gay Gordons 1

Category: Irish Two-Hand

Fun danced to The Liberty Bell by J. P. Sousa, aka Monty Python theme song.
Gents start on left foot, ladies on right.

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Figure 1: Repeating (March)

32 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Everyone
Step forward Holding inside hands, step forward 2 3 kick with inside foot. Step back inside, 2 3 stamp on the outside foot.
2 Step away Dancers step to the sides, away from each other, and step the inside foot close to the outside foot (step together). Step back toward each other 2
3 Turn Ladies & gents walk & turn 360° away from each other then back together (2b); clap at end of bar 2. (Ladies turn CW; gents turn CCW.) 2
4 Promenade Take hands to promenade/jig step clockwise in an anti-clockwise direction.
– OR –
House in waltz hold.
5 Repeat 1 to 4 Repeat until the dancers or musicians wear out. 16
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