Glencar Reel

Category: Irish Ceili/Ceilidh

This is a six-person dance done by a line of three gents facing a line of three ladies. Partners dance across from each other.  The top gent’s right shoulder is toward the top of the room.  All movements are danced with promenade step unless otherwise noted.
Tag: Ar Rince Foirne

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Repeating (Reel)

56 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Everyone
Advance and Retire Dancers hold hands in their line and advance towards their partner using promenade step (2b), retire (2b), advance, retire.
2 Ring Left Everyone take hands to form a ring and sidestep to the left (clockwise), dance two short threes in place (4b), sidestep right, and finish with two short threes (4b), falling back into two lines. 8
3 Sidestep through All dancers turn left (right shoulders pointing toward the other line) and sidestep to their partner's place. Partners pass face to face and finish with two short threes (4b). Everyone sidestep back to place and finish with two short threes while turning to face their parner (4b). 8
4 Figure of Eight The line of gents dances a figure eight with each other while the ladies' line does the same, with the leading lady at the opposite end from the leading gent.  (8b)

The top gent turns left to face the other gents, who both turn right to face him, while the third (leading) lady turns left, and the other ladies turn right to face her.  In each line the leader passes the person directly in front of them by right shoulders, while the third person hangs back.  Then the leader and the third person pass by left shoulders while the second person loops clockwise around the end of the line.  Everyone continues to follow a figure eight path, alternating shoulders with the dancers they meet and looping around the end when not passing anyone.  All finish by taking uncrossed hands with their partners, across from them.
5 Double Figure of Eight Couples now dance the figure of eight while holding uncrossed hands, as if each couple were a single unit, following the gents' line's single figure of eight path.  Couples do not rotate around each other; they keep facing the same direction they faced when advancing in their separate lines. 8
6 Waves The top couple turns to face the other dancers, takes inside hands, and raises them. The second couple takes hands and passes under the arch made by the first couple. The first couple passes under the arms of the third couple, turns around individually, and continues the wave back to their place.  The other couples do the same, as in the Waves of Tory. 8
7 Chain The top couple face each other, take right hands, and begin to chain as the other dancers form a ring, facing toward the top couple.  The other dancers begin taking hands only when the top couple dancers reach them, and everyone chains around the ring, alternating right and left hands, and back to their home position.  Ladies dance clockwise, gents counter-clockwise. 8
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