Haymakers Jig

Category: Irish Ceili/Ceilidh

This is a long dance for five couples. Partners face each other in two lines with the gents left shoulders to the band or top of the room.
You can do this dance with more or fewer couples though you’ll have to adjust the speed of your dancing to accomodate the greater or lesser distance travelled in the figures.  Too many couples and you’ll find you’re running rather than dancing.
Tag: Ar Rince Foirne


Note that the center swings should be done with a crossed hand hold (if done by the book) unless everyone has agreed they’d rather ceili swing.  Local variations are a way to make a dance “yours!”

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Repeating (Jig)

88 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Everyone
Advance & retire Lines of gents and ladies take hands and advance and retire twice (8b). Perform the rising step, or rise and grind (4b). Advance and retire once more (4b).
2 Turn in the center Top gent, bottom lady, turn with right hands in the center of the formation, using the promenade step (4b). You'll typically only have time for a single turn before dancing back to place.
Top lady, bottom gent turn in the center with right hands (4b).
Top gent, bottom lady, turn with left.
Top lady, bottom gent, turn with left.
3 Swing in the center Top gent, bottom lady, promenade to the center, take crossed hands and swing with promenade step clockwise for 6 bars. Take 2 bars to return home. Top lady, bottom gent swing in the center for 6 bars, take 2 to return home. 16
4 Link arms Also called Strip the willow.
Top couple link right arms and turn one full turn to face their opposite line (2b) and dance on to second couple, gent linking left arms with the second lady, and the lady linking with the second gent. Dance around and back to your partner and link right arms again and turn once (2b) and on to the third couple and so on until they have danced with the last couple. The first couple take hands and swing in the center while traveling to the top of the formation.
5 Cast off and bridge Top couples turn away from the line (gent to the left and lady to the right) and march to the bottom of the set. Each of the other dancers follows in turn. When the top couple reaches the bottom they make an arch and the other couples take inside hands, dance under the arch and to the top of the formation.
Everyone takes hands in their line and the dance repeats until everyone has danced as the top couple.
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