La Chapelloise

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A simple two-hand progressive circle dance done throughout the world to a variety of lively tunes (frequently country-western). Start the dance with the gents on the inside of the circle, facing counter-clockwise with the lady on his right, holding inside hands.
The dance is repeated until the dancers or musicians wear out.

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Figure 1: La chapelloise (Jig)

16 Bars

The music listed is a jig but you'll find examples all over the web of this dance being done with reels and hornpipes too.
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1 Everyone
Step forward, turn, step backward Step forward with 1, 2, 3, 4, traveling counter-clockwise around the room.  Turn to face the other way on 1, gents turning clockwise and ladies turning counter-clockwise. Don't forget to change hands as you turn!  Continue dancing counter-clockwise (backwards) by stepping back 2, 3, 4. Repeat movements clockwise to starting position. You should end the movement still holding hands but at arms-length from your partner.
2 Dance together and away Dance sideways toward your partner with a 1 23 step, still holding hands and facing front. Dance away with 1 23. On the '1' step you gently jump toward your partner and the 23 is danced in place (2b).
Now change places with your partner, with the lady turning toward the gent, taking his left hand in her right and letting go with her left had as they pass. The gent simply dances sideways into the ladies position (2b).  Both dance 1-2-3-tap.
Repeat the movement but this time the gent raises his left arm and the lady dances behind the gent to end up dancing with the gent behind while her gent picks up the lady from in front.
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