Lannigans Ball

Category: Irish Ceili/Ceilidh

This is a round dance in single jig time for six couples, danced to the tune of the same name. Dancers start by standing in a ring holding hands.
The dance may be repeated by omitting movement 7 and going straight back to the first movement.
Tag: Ar Rince Foirne

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Repeating (Jig)

104 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Everyone
Ring Promenade Step clockwise (8b) and return anticlockwise.

2 Quarterhook Gentlemen link right arms with the lady on their left and dance around to link left arms with partner. Repeat with the lady on their left and back to partner, each gent and lady finish facing the lady on the left and each lady facing the gent on their right.

3 Rise and grind Dance the rise and grind step on the right foot (2b), repeat on left foot (2b); continue with one throw right (1b) and one throw left (1b). Finish with the rise and grind on the right foot (2b).
On the last 1-2-3-4 movement all turn to face their partner and repeat the full step sequence but starting with the left foot and finish facing the center.

4 Dance around and turn partner Gents stand while the ladies dance clockwise in a small circle for three bars, on the fourth bar they turn and dance back anticlockwise to their partner. They turn with the right hand into the center, the ladies stopping in their home positions. The gents now dance the ring but going around anticlockwise, and returning to turn their partner into place with the right hand.

5 Flirtation All partners take uncrossed hands and swing once in place (2b). Gents then move on to the next lady on their right (the counterclockwise position), turning each one in place until they reach their partner. Gents finish with their back to center, facing their partner.

6 Stack up Gents stand in the center facing out and clap (2 claps to a bar) while the ladies dance around them clockwise outside the set with the promenade step.
On last two bars the ladies give both hands to their gents and swing them to the outside, leaving the ladies with their backs to center (8b).
This movement is now repeated. While the ladies stand in the center and clap hands the gents dance clockwise and on the last two bars they give both hands to their partners, swing around and get into lead around positions.

7 Ring Promenade Step clockwise (8b) and return anticlockwise.

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