Rakefet Waltz

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In this wedding dance, couples begin side by side holding overlapping right hand in right. The gent faces anticlockwise and the lady faces clockwise. The gent begins on his left foot, the lady on her right.
Notes from Apples In Winter by Pat Murphy, reproduced with permission.
Some sources list this as an Israeli wedding dance.

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Figure 1: Repeat until music stops (Waltz)

24 Bars

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1 Everyone
Dance around The gent dances forward as the lady reverses, dancing threes.
2 Half turn Both half turn clockwise, then take left hand in left and the lady dances forward as the gent reverses. 2
3 Step around Both step forward clockwise, turning slightly anticlockwise so they are back to back taking their partner's right hand in their left. They now continue moving a half turn clockwise, release the gents left hand from the lady's right and turn in to face each other, taking both hands again as they do so. The gent is now facing out and the lady facing the centre. 4
4 Step across Holding opposite hands as they face each other, both step to the gent's left, gent on to his left foot and lady on to her right, then swing their other foot across inside to the gent's left or lady's right. 1
5 Step back They repeat the movement, stepping to the gent's right and bringing the other foot across inside again, to the gent's right or lady's left. 1
6 Turn the lady Releasing the gent's right hand, the lady turns clockwise under his left arm. 2
7 Waltz Taking waltz hold the couple waltz, turning clockwise twice. 4
8 Repeat 4 to 7 8
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