Siege of Carrick

Category: Irish Ceili/Ceilidh

This is a progressive dance in double-jig time and is generally danced to Haste to the Wedding. Form a set of two couples facing each other. First couple with their back to the music, gent on the left, lady on his right. Second couple facing the first. Repeat this formation extending down the room away from the band.
Tagged: Ar Rince Fiorne, Ar Rinnce Fiorne

This dance is sometimes, in fun, called Sea of Carrots.

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Repeating (Jig)

32 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Everyone
Ring left and right Each set forms a ring and sidestep sevens to the left finishing with two short threes. Sidestep right and two short threes.
2 Right and left wheel Turn to the left and put right hands in the center of your set, shoulder high with ladies hands above the gents. Promenade clockwise for 4 bars, turn clockwise and put left hands in the center and promenade back to place. 8
3 Down the center and turn Couple face each other, first couple dances down the set on the inside using promenade step while the second couple dances up the set on the outside (2b). Without turning around, the couples change places so the first is on the outside and second is on the inside. First couple reverses up the set while the second couple reverses down (2b). All clap hands twice and then hook right arms and turn once in place. 8
4 Up the center and swing Couples advance again but this time the second couple dances up the center and first couples dances down. Reverse back to place. Clap hands twice again but instead of hooking arms and turning in place, all couples hook arms and as they turn, the first couple progresses down the set as the second couple progresses up. Upon reaching the new position, immediately form a circle with your new couple and repeat the dance. The dance is repeated until the musicians or dancers pass out. 8
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