Siege of Ennis

Category: Irish Ceili/Ceilidh

Dancers line up in lines of four pepole or two couples, facing another line of four.
Repeat this formation until you fill the room.
Tagged: Ar Rince Foirne

This dance is frequently mis-pronounced Siege of Venice and at times pronounced in fun as Sea of Guinness.


A more casually danced version, done to reel music

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Repeating (Jig)

32 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Everyone
Advance and retire twice Each line takes hands and advances and retires twice.
2 Sides The lady and gent in the middle of each line drop hands and the couples now sidestep as a pair with the other couple in their line.  The couple to the left sevens behind the couple to the right and ends with a rise and grind.  The couples sidestep again (couples going right go behind) and rise and grind again. 8
3 Hands Across The ladies and gents in the center give right hands across and dance clockwise with promenade step (4b), switch hands and dance counter-clockwise back to place (4b)
While they're dancing, the ladies and gents on the outside take right hands with the person opposite and dance clockwise (4b) change hands and dance back to place (4b)
4 Advance, retire and pass through Advance and retire like the first movement and on the second advance, the line facing the music raises their arms and the opposite line passes under. Pass right shoulders with the person opposite.
All take hands and repeat the dance with a new line.
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