St Bernhard's Waltz

Category: Irish Two-Hand

This waltz is popular throughout Ireland. All couples form a circle around the room in waltz hold, gent’s facing out of the circle and ladies facing in to the centre of the room.
Notes from Apples In Winter by Pat Murphy, reproduced with permission.


Slow-speed step demonstration


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Figure 1: Repeating (Waltz)

14 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Everyone
Slide to gents left All couples dance sliding steps to the gent’s left. Gents dance: L - R L - R L - R L (then close R with weight on left). Ladies dance: R - L R - L R - L R (close L on last beat. Sometimes, instead of dancing the last two steps, both ladies and gents rise onto their toes and land on their heels for the last beat.

2 Slide to gents right All couples now dance or slide to the gent’s right: Gents dance: R - L R - L (close only on the last step, without weight) and ladies dance L - R L - R (close only on the last step). 2
3 Gents reverse Gents reverse to the centre as ladies dance forward to follow: Gents dance, L - R - As ladies dance R - L -. (2 bars)

4 Ladies reverse Gents now dance forward as ladies reverse. Gents dance L - R while ladies dance R - L -.

5 Gents slide while ladies turn Gents now facing out, slide to their left again dancing L - R L - R while ladies turn clockwise once under the gent’s raised left hand, ladies dancing RLR, LRL.

6 Waltz Turning clockwise once. 4
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