Walls of Limerick

Category: Irish Ceili/Ceilidh

Dancers line up as couples, two opposite two repeating down the hall.
If you have enough dancers you can organize the dancers into a large circle and keep the dance going continuously around the hall.  Just take the lines and curve them around until the ends meet.
Tagged: Ar Rince Foirne

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Repeating (Reel)

32 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

The dance is repeated with a new couple each time.
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1 Everyone
Advance and retire twice While holding inside hands with your partner.
2 Half right and left Ladies sidestep (sevens) to the left to change places and finish  facing the opposite gent.  Everyone dances two short threes.
Gents now sidestep to the right to change places an all dance two short threes.
3 Dance with opposite Take right hands with the person opposite and sidestep to the gents left.  Two short threes in place and dance back into the set finishing with two short threes. 8
4 Dance around With crossed hands dance around the other couple finishing in the original position facing away from the previous couple and facing toward a new couple in the line.
Some teachers will simplify this movement for beginners by having the dancers merely turn around each other without progressing.
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